Let's Always Hang Out Together, Okay?

by Baby Ghosts

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Alpo thumbnail
Alpo this is one of my favorite albums right now. Favorite track: Ghost Girlfriend.
holladei thumbnail
holladei I just really like garage pop and this is good garage pop okay? Favorite track: German Ghost Cat.
Scott Knopf (a.k.a. Atheist)
Scott Knopf (a.k.a. Atheist) thumbnail
Scott Knopf (a.k.a. Atheist) My friend Gilbert put this album on his Top 5 Albums of 2013 list. I checked it out on his recommendation and ended up liking it enough to buy. Great music. Favorite track: Ghost Next Door.
MxAshlynn thumbnail
MxAshlynn Great mixture of styles, blending bits of rock, punk, surf, goth, and chiptune. Favorite track: My Baby's Casket is Built for Two.
Sean Steel
Sean Steel thumbnail
Sean Steel short, fast, simple, catchy, alround good vibes, can't go wrong. Favorite track: The Ghosts of My Crappy-Ass Friends.
Jason G.
Jason G. thumbnail
Jason G. This band is cute and their music is fun. Favorite track: Ghost Girlfriend.
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Our first full-length album, dudes!


released March 19, 2012



all rights reserved


Baby Ghosts Salt Lake City, Utah

A band of buds and ghosts

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Track Name: Ghost Girlfriend
I know a dead girl; she's always lying.
She tricks the dumb boys into dying,
and I should know that--I was the first one.
It isn't so bad we still have fun.

Ghost girlfriends... They're always around.
Ghost girlfriends.... They won't let you down.

When dating dead girls, one must be wary,
'Cause they can lose it; they can be scary.
They live in graveyards--you'd better visit,
Because a dead girl loves commitment.
Track Name: Ghost Next Door
No time, we're just getting older.
No, no, we're always getting closer.

I'm dead so just roll me over.
This time, taking time away.

This world is lining up against us.
When I'm old it'll eat me up for breakfast.
Track Name: Ghost School
I was running late; I was trying to get ahead--
It's hard to get an A when you're dead.
Dude, you know I try my best,
Ghost School never affords me rest.

I'm a baby ghost, yeah, I'm not strong.
Why can't these ghosts get along?
Dude, school is really hard,
I got four BOOs on my report card.

Go boo all day.
Track Name: German Ghost Cat
I have never met a good cat.
This song is not for cats.
You're not worth listening to.
(You're such a simpleton, dude.)

Don't talk to me now,
Please shut your mouth.
Oh, please.
Track Name: My Baby's Casket is Built for Two
I was taking a stroll through the graveyard,
underground he got so bored.
Found a shovel to dig up my man,
so that we could hold hands.

Wake up, baby, you're not dead--
Not lately--where's your head?
I'm craving something more.

We get around when it's dark ,
And there's no one to see,
Your dirty corpse,
As you swing with me.

Nobody bones quite like my man,
From his head to boney hands,
And he knows just what I need,
'Cause he'd never bury me.
Track Name: Your Dad's Friends Were Babies Anyway
Hey! You got a dad?
He's got it coming...
He's so dead...

It's really nice to meet you!
All your friends,
and your dads,
and your dad's friends are dead.
Let's hang out tonight!

Hey! Your car is locked,
your house is locked,
your locker's locked,
How old are you?
I'm not a stalker; I'm your best friend!
Track Name: The Ghosts of My Crappy-Ass Friends
I'm growing up, what am I gonna be?
Can't get a job, better work for free?
Everybody laughs, the joke is on me.

All the time I go away.
Shut up... Shut up.
Why don't you give me what I'm looking for?
Track Name: The Ghost of Nelson Mandela's Birthday
92! 92! It's your birthday!
Did you know what happened today?
Playing soccer, playing golf, having freedom!

Not a crime, not a crime in your country.
Got a St. Andrew's victory.
Playing soccer, playing golf, having freedom!

Now I'm coming alive!
Happy birthday to your...
Track Name: A Soft Spot for Ghosts (Fontanel)
Just like a man to die on me;
You've got to work if you want to get paid.
His job was just to climb a tree...
Never knew it was his last day.

So mind your fontanel.

This guy's not going anywhere--
he's hanging out for eternity.
Someone's got to get him down from there--
Too bad, he was growing on me.
Track Name: Birds, Baby
Perfect little singin' bird,
Calling out dirty words.
Guess what!? Guess what!?
She's chirpin' out a brand new song;
Everybody's singin' along.
Guess what!? Guess what!?

Turn back, I'm sorry that you came.
You know... you all look just the same.
You called my friends a dirty name.
I see you play your favorite game.
You've got it now.

She's making sure the grass is green;
She knows just what I mean.
Guess what!? Guess what!?
She's old enough to know,
I can remember on my own.
Guess what!? Guess what!?